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By Bill Sullivan

Scores of visitors to Colonial Williamsburg’s Historic Area witnessed history Monday as AMC’s spy drama TURN returned for a final day of filming.

The Governor’s Palace was the setting for scenes that will appear later this year in episode 9 of the show’s second season.

Gawkers shared the Palace Green with dozens of crew members …

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On a cold January afternoon, who’s working on the Market House? You might be surprised….

Webcams can be marvelous things. Through the lens of a webcam, Colonial Williamsburg’s “virtual visitors” kept up with daily progress as the Coffeehouse and Armoury reconstructions took shape. With its constantly updated stream of images, this simple piece of …

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White egg turnip

It is at this time of year that we turn to the root crops to supply the table with our chief sustenance and there is no root as useful to this purpose as the turnip.

Turnips have been grown for untold thousands of years having arisen from its wild progenitor somewhere between …

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By Bill Sullivan

In 1926, Williamsburg was a quiet southern college town whose storied past had been largely forgotten. It hadn’t been Virginia’s capital city for 150 years and the modern world crept in slowly, with gas stations and soda fountains bumping up against old colonial buildings.

It was, in the words of one writer, a certain …

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A listener’s question sent us on a journey through the economy of the 18th century. The question? In a time before standardized currency, how did colonists pay for things? What was in George Washington’s wallet?

Resident numismatic expert Erik Goldstein answers the question and shares some surprises on this week’s podcast.

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By Ben Swenson

Historical furniture can be appreciated both for what it is and for what it says. Sure, household furnishings are all at once useful tools, works of craftsmanship and objects of beauty.

But adjust the focus a little–step in close or move back aways–and those very same items, especially pieces that have survived centuries, …

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